Herbicide Injury Information and Photographs

Herbicides: How They Work and the Symptoms They Cause
Diagnosing Herbicide Injury - 2007 from University of Florida
Herbicide Mode of Action and Injury Symptoms - University of Minnesota Extension Service
Herbicide Injury Diagnostic Key (with photos) University of Wisconsin Extension
Herbicide Injury -- Iowa State University
Herbicide Injury and Mode of Action -- Michigan State University
Documentation For Suspected Herbicide Drift Damage
Herbicide Spray Drift

Drift Education Material

  1. Drift management and nozzle selection resources - Brent Pringnitz at Iowa State University, Weed Science On-Line. Articles and resource listings on drift management and nozzles.

  2. Drift education materials - Robert E. Wolf (Kansas State University) homepage. Bob has several downloadable PowerPoint presentations, including the following drift education materials:
    • PAT Drift Minimization Slide Set (20 slides, ppt 97) (Zip file)
    • Spray Drift Management Slide Set (49 slides, ppt 97)(Zip file)
    • National Coalition on Drift Minimization Video (29 minutes)
      • NCODM letter
      • Ordering information (single copies available)

  3. Spray Drift of Pesticides - EPA Spray Drift page.

  4. National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) - Once on this site click on 'PAASS' (Professional Aerial Applicators Support System). Information on Drift Minimization.

  5. USDA, ARS Application Technology Rearch Unit - This web site has information on USDA Agricutural Research Service research on pesticide application technologies conducted at the Ohio Agricultural Reseach & Development Center (OARDC), including several research projects on Spray Drift Minimization.

  6. Spray Drift Task Force (SDTF) - The Spray Drift Task Force was organized under provisions of FIFRA to develop a generic spray drift data base capable of satisfying spray drift data requirements for virtually all pesticide product registrations in the United States and Canada. NOTE: As of early November, 1998 their site was under construction and no information was provided under their topic heading: Drift Management Information. None of the few links seem to be directly related to pesticide drift except a weather link.These are all PDF files.

  7. National Coalition on Drift Minimization - NCODM. A national coalition working on the issue of pesticide spray drift minimization, including regulators, educators, pesticide applicators, manufacturers, dealers, consultants/advisors, growers, processors, and all others vital to the application of pesticides.

  8. CP Products - A commercial site. This company has nozzles for aerial and ground applications. This site has setup and maintanence info, a nozzle and droplet size calculator, and operator hints, also has links to related sites.

  9. Spraying Systems Co. - TeeJet Agricultural Spray Products. This site includes a spray tip selection guide, droplet size and drift information, drift causes and control, and a spray calibration calculator.

  10. DuPont Sulfonylurea Herbicides Fact Sheet: Spray Drift Management.

  11. Drift of Sulfonylurea Herbicides - An article by Bob Hartzler, Iowa State University Extension. Iowa State University Weed Science on Line.

  12. Glyphosate drift - Factors affecting gylphosate drift. Article from Iowa State University.

  13. Clemson University -- Definitions and Discussion on Drift